Our portfolio includes a wide range of chemistry for different hygiene needs.

We also undertake private label contracts for custom formulations.

Hand Hygiene

C11-Pearly hand disinfectant with added moisturizer. Sodium free. Exquisite Natural essences offer lasting freshness.Recommended for office use.

C10 - Clear liquid hand washing soap with glycerin extracts. Recommended for general use in factories and public places.Available in various fragrances

Surface Care

C1-Quaternary chloride based surface disinfectant. A substitute for phenyl. Contains no petroleum

derivative.Available in general and herbal grade.

C2-Neutral pH soap based floor cleaning concentrate.

Offers general cleaning with no  added bleach or chlorine.Safe on human hands.Recomended dilution:10ml in 1L

C7-Chlorine based alkaline pH surface clean-

er for hard surface and tough stains.Helps maintain surface shine and increase its longetivityDilution :10ml in 1L

C5-Ammonia free IPA based wooden and

glass surface cleaner cum disinfectant.Can also be used on electronic appliances.Dilution as per application.

Washroom Care

C8-First of its kind non-acidic toilet commode cleaner.A unique formulation of various herbal constituents its exquisite fragrance offers lasting freshness to the washrooms.

C9-Chlorine based alkaline pH surface clean-

er to remove waier stains on faucets and

salt deposits in between tiles.Dilution :25ml in 1L

C2-Neutral pH soap based floor cleaning concentrate.For regular cleaning of washroom floors. Recommended dilution: 30ml in 1L

Kitchen Hygiene

C4-Neutral pH biodegradale liquid soap concentrate for manual dish washing.Offers residue free cleaning.

Recommended dilution:  20ml in 1L

C5-Ammonia free spray to remove oily stains across

kitchen appliances and disinfect the surface.