Who are we

Hygienic Products Of India(HPI) is a well known manufacturer of institutional green cleaning concentrates. We cater to 500+ institutions in the pharma, food and hospitality sector across 14 states in India. We are one of the very few companies in India supplying bio-degradable surfactants. Our array of products include surface and washroom disinfectants, hand sterilisers and herbal air purifiers.


Our Origin

Brand HPI was originally started in the year 1983 by late Mr. Balakrishna Shetty with an endeavour to replace hazardous institutional cleaners like acid, black phenyl etc. with more safe and healthy herbal derivatives. In 2008, due to unavoidable circumstances the brand was disbanded. HPI was restarted again in 2014. This time with a new team of chemical nerds, an advanced portfolio of cleaning solutions and new range of services!

At HPI we understand the impact of chemicals on human health and respect dignity of labor. Every individual irrespective of cadre has the right to safe working environment. Our vision is to make institutional cleaning non hazardous and protect our mother earth from harmful effluents.


To help our patrons build a safe and healthy environment  with our non-toxic and environment friendly products.